2-7-12 – Lake Champlain

Fished Lake Champlain today from 7am until 5:20pm. Started in the islands with high hopes. After punching holes, I fished three of them with no bites and then bam, first fish… short crappie! To make it better, I saw fish on the Vexilar so I threw my jig back down and bam another crappie!  This one was a keeper. In the near distance, I could hear my buddies getting pumped up as well as they ripped specks as well. I said to myself “oh boy, this is going to be a good day!” From there, it didn’t get much better though. The fishing started slow and progressively got worse. They were there but they had lock jaw. It was a mixed bag of perch, bluegill, pumpkinseed, and crappie. To top it off the wind blew harder than predicted and the snow was blowing sideways. Not idea conditions for fishing without a shack! We stayed there until just before noon then headed a bit more south. I left with 3 crappie in my bucket but caught 8 total.

When we got to the second spot the sun was shining and the wind was a bit more calm. It didn’t matter at this point how the fishing was because the weather boosted moral! When we got out to the cove, I could see weeds through the ice. Best part was, the water was clear enough to sight fish. After sight fishing Sunday, I have been craving more! Without my flip over, my visibility was limited but I was still able to make out parts of the fish. I put quite a few fish on the ice here including some quality bluegill and pumpkinseed. The rest of the day was fairly consistent with certain holes producing far more fish than others. Using the Aqua Vu camera, I got to see large pods of fish hanging out waiting to be caught! I also was able to locate weed edges where fish were ready to ambush their meals.

Bright colors seemed to be the ticket today. Red maggots were very productive but white ones were more visible in the clear water. I tended to mix colors but always had white on the outside so I could see it flap as it was twitched by the rod. The fish stayed tight to the bottom all day with the exception for holes that held weeds. Those fish were suspended significantly more.

One more day of fishing left to wrap up this week. I’ve put in some hours and gained some new knowledge in both technique and locations. Stay tuned for my total hours for the week and a report from the river!

Oh and sorry, no pictures! I stayed too busy today!

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