2-15-12 – Champlain Before Work

I had to fish today before I went to work in order to stay sane! I was out on Lake Champlain punching holes at 6am but the bite started slow. I got some company around 6:30 and we worked together some what punching holes and searching attempting to stay on fish. The weather today was pretty nice. It started sunny and bright and not overly cold. By the time I was leaving, it started to rain so it was a perfect time to be going to work!

There were plenty of fish in this bay today but they were not super active. They were being very picky on what they ate and how they ate it. The big pumpkinseed are still there but seem to be a bit more spread out. I was able to pull a few decent crappies today. It was nice to see them coming out of the weeds… Their colors are so much better that way! There were lots of perch cruising around but only a few jumbos.

The best part of fishing at this hole is the seagulls. They are not timid at all. If you put a fish on the ice to go grab your bucket there’s a good chance they will steal it! Quite a few times today, I would be sitting on my bucket only to turn around and see a seagull creeping in seeing what he could grab without me noticing. Breaks up the day a bit when the fishing is slow!

I’m glad I fished earlier because as I sit here at work I’m itching to fishing! Is it the weekend yet?

Here is the best bait I was able to find today. With a red spike the fish held on longer. When I used a white spike I got bites but missed far more of the fish because they weren’t holding on as well.

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