2-27-12 – Yet Another Slow Day On Champlain

We got a late start today but that turned out to be not a bad thing. We were on the water just after 7:30am and quickly punched holes around a few spots that have been producing on Lake Champlain. We were fishing for three hours and only caught a handful of bluegill, pumpkinseed, and two dink crappie. Frustrated, we packed up and headed to a the other side of the bay.

When we got over there, we punched holes and looked around with the Aqua Vu Micro underwater camera. We found lots of perch but only two pumpkinseed. We caught a few of the perch and headed further out in the bay to a different weed bed. The same scenario played out there so we moved yet again. We decided to fish one more weed bed before heading out for the day. By the looks on the flasher there were some fish to be had so we gave it a shot. We caught lots of fish there but they were all small. It was time to call it a day.

Before heading out, we had to meet up with a guy in Burlington. While waiting, we met up with another buddy who got out of work to fish. Somehow, he convinced us to go back to the same spot we just left. This time was a little better but not great still. There were lots of small fish in every hole but towards dark they grew in size and there were some really nice bluegill cruising high in the water column.

No pictures worthy of posting today and overall it was a disappointing day. Luckily, tomorrow is a new opportunity on very productive water! I’ll be there at sunrise to punch holes and find the fish (hopefully) while awaiting my company for the day!

2 thoughts on “2-27-12 – Yet Another Slow Day On Champlain”

  1. Do you locate weed beds in the fall before the lake ices up ? I tried that once but wasn’t sure what kind of weeds to look for, the ones I marked seemed to die off real fast after ice-up. What’s the trick to id’ing weed beds that will still be there in the winter ?


    1. Dave , the greenest weeds are the healthiest, they should last longer into the winter. Other things to look for are their density, dense weeds usually hold fish during the mid day hours when the sun if high. Also pay attention to weed beds that have deep water near by, or inside turns or points, all great spots to look for fish .

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