3-17-12 – First Day On Open Water

We hit the shores of Lake Champlain today fishing for staging crappie. The water is low for the time of year but considering the weather conditions this past winter, there isn’t much water for a “spring runoff.” The water we were fishing was 3′ or less and warming up fast. The bite this morning for us was slow but as the day warmed so did the water and it turned the fish on. We noticed an increase in size of the fish as the day progressed as well.

We left with our limits around 2pm after about 6 hours of fishing. We discarded many of the fish that were of “keeper” size as the bite was decent enough. We found the best pockets of crappie to be in the shade but were most willing to bite on the fringe of the sun/shade area on varying colors. Mister Twisters and Powerbait minnows that were black and white placed about a foot under a bobber seemed to be our best options. Sometimes the fish wanted the bait moving while others it had to be still. It took time to get fish but when they came through it was very will possible to pull a few!

Other species we caught were perch, pike, pumpkinseed, and bluegill.

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