3-18-12 – A Bit Slower But Still Productive

The weather provided us fishermen of Vermont with another spectacular day on the water! Blue skies, a light wind, and a long spring day graced us with ideal conditions for landing some some nice crappie and bluegill on Lake Champlain. Although the fishing wasn’t as good as yesterday it sure beats the hell out of work! I am going to struggle when I actually do get back to work. For now, the time is ticking and I’m not wasting it… I’ll be back out the next two, maybe three days!

I was set up for fishing around 6:30am and there were already good numbers of people around. The fishing only provided a few good runs of crappie for the entire time I was there but it was possible to pick them throughout the day. It is a blast when there is a good run going on and people are swarming to the action. Seeing like 10 bobbers fighting for real estate in a hula hooped sized area is a riot. Its amazing there aren’t more big knots tied across the water. I found myself catching a lot of fish in the 8-9.5″ range but saw some real slabs get pulled.

The set up today was pretty much identical to yesterdays. I ran a bobber with 12-15″ of like under it. I switched between maroon and white tungsten jigs a few times today. I used both Powerbait minnows in black and white and Mister Twisters in yellow and white all day. I never found a time when the fish wanted it deadsticked at all. Yesterday it went in phases for what they wanted. Most of the fish I caught today were gills and seeds. I did catch a few large hybrids that are always neat to see!

Cleaning my fish tonight, I took some pictures showing how proceed. I till try to get it up within the next few days. Ideally, there will be some video to go along with it as well! Check back tomorrow for more action!


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