4-17-12 – Barely Saved The Skunk…

The title says it all. I decided that because I was in the area, I would fish for a bit. A buddy and I sat on shore of Lake Champlain for for about an hour and a half with minimal results. All signs upon arrival pointed towards the conclusion but we figured why not give it a shot. The sun was bright and the wind was whipping out of the south west, blowing directly into the mouth of the bay we sat perched on. For maybe a hundred yards into the broad lake and the entire bay we were in, the water was about as murky as could be.

Within the first few casts, I landed my first crappie – a small but legal white. I threw it back without even thinking about keeping it. At this point, I second guessed myself and though my initial assessment was wrong. Nope… I went over an hour before getting a solid bite again. I fished every strategy I could think of. I fished the shade, the sun, calm water, rough water, fast, slow, and still. All methods produced the same results. Squat. I didn’t mind too much though because the other guys around weren’t doing any better. Just before leaving, I was able to catch a decent bass around 15″. The fish was right on shore with the bait being dragged constantly along the bottom.

It fish came too late and wasn’t enough to get us to stay. Both of my fish were caught on dark color configurations. My buddy had no bites and fished all colors that were bright. Sure beats doing yard work!

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