Pelkey’s Archery Bowfishing Tournament

May 18th through May 19th

Tournament Format:

  • Cash Awards

Team Division:

  • $30 entry fee
  • 3 person teams
  • 10 biggest fish per team

Big Fish Pot:

  • $15 entry fee
  • Individual entry
  • Heaviest fish
  • Entrants who have registered as a team, may enter individually for an additional $10 fee


  • Youth: 15 years and younger
  • Heaviest fish

Registration/Check Station:Deadline for registrations is 4pm, Friday, May 18th.All teams must be at Pelkey’s Archery Inc. no later than 2pm on Saturday May 19th for final weigh in. Pelkey’s Archery will take care of all fish disposals!

Eligible Fish:

  • Carp only


  • Awards Ceremony will include food and drink
  • Door Prizes will be drawn
  • Results to be awarded at 4pm


Contact Pelkey’s Archery at
Phone: 802-524-2582

Tournament Rules

  1. All contestants must register before shooting. You must shoot your own fish. Registration will end at 4pm on Friday May 18th.
  2. All fish must be harvested on Lake Champlain. Fish entered must be shot alive. This is a carp only tournament.
  3. Final weigh-in is at 2pm at Pelkey’s Archery. All fish must be at Pelkey’s Archery by 2pm to be eligible.
  4. No shooting on tournament waters 24hrs prior to the start of the tournament.
  5. Compound, recurve, and longbow are eligible as long as there is a reel and line attached to the arrow for retrieval, no crossbows allowed for this tournament.
  6. Fish entries must be taken with compound, recurve or longbow and single point arrow only.
  7. No fish points/arrows with explosives or other shocking devices will be allowed.
  8. All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval. This line must be attached to a reel on the bow.
  9. No snares, no dip nets, and no gigs will be allowed in boats.
  10. Reported transferring of fish between teams will result in disqualification of all teams involved. At no time is one team’s fish to be placed in another team’s boat.
  11. No baiting or chumming of fish.
  12. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Teams will keep a minimum of 25 yards whenever possible.
  13. Rules committee reserves the right to disqualify or reject entrants. All decisions made by the committee are final.
  14. Failure to comply with tournament rules will result in disqualification and entry fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.
  15. Tournament hosts and sponsors will not be responsible for accidents or lost property.
  16. NO AUTOMATIC REFUNDS OF ENTRY FEES. Fees or any portion of fees refunded will be the decision of tournament officials and will be based on reason of cancellation.
  17. Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED in boats during tournament hours.
  18. Firearms are PROHIBITED during scouting and tournament hours.
  19. Identification of persons participating is required upon request.
  20. Tournament boundaries will be Lake Champlain only!
  21. Release forms must be signed and on record for each participant of a tournament.
  22. A formal protest fee in the amount of $50.00 must be made to officials and posted prior to the awards ceremony. The protest fee will be refunded if the protest stands valid.
  23. Tie-breaker will be length, then by girth, and if tie still exists, b date/time fish was weighed in.
  24. All carp entered will be weighed, measured, recorded and marked. Participants will be required to sign the record card as an acceptance of the recorded measurements.
  25. All carp entered will be washed prior to weigh-in and are subject to inspection.
  26. Individual participants will be eligible for one award only in the Big Fish Pot (biggest fish only)
  27. It is the responsibility of tournament participants to know and obey state and local Fish and Game and Boating Laws. Any violations will result in disqualification.
  28. All contestants are responsible for obtaining licenses or permits required by the state.

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