5-26-12 – Memorial Weekend Bass

I had a few hours to kill between lawn and garden duty so I decided to hook up the boat and make a quick trip out to one of my favorite smallmouth lakes.  Upon arrival I knew I was going to have my work cut out for me.  The lot was full of pleasure boats and kayaks and the wind was creating a nice chop on the water.  My plan was to have a little fun sight fishing for bass but the conditions were not going to allow me to do that so well.

I motored to my first spot that year after year holds fish in decent numbers.  This lake is a good size body of water that does not see a lot of intense fishing pressure.  Most days it’s nothing to put 8-10 fish in the boat of two pounds or better.  It was almost impossible to see any beds on the shore as the water was stained and the waves were much larger than normal.  I was forced to rely on my past experiences on this body of water to catch some fish.  It’s very important to pay very close attention to details every time you hit the water, you never know when the conditions will throw you for a loop, or your GPS stops working and you are forced to find areas and small attributes on the lake floor that force you to use your good ole intuition to catch fish.  I focused on two areas in my search for fish, sharp breaks out of deep weed beds onto a hard bottom, and two sand bars that provide smallmouth with a nice warm place to make their beds.

Today the weapon of choice was a faithful 3″inch tube rigged on a weighted hook in pumpkin-seed color.  I was able to see one bed with a fish on it all day and was able to catch a nice 3lber, (this is the first fish caught on the video below.)  After an hour or so of fighting the wind and boat position I decided to use to wind to my advantage and drift the two sand bars I had mentioned earlier.  It was a pretty simple technique.  I positioned the boat so I would drift across the bar and started at the edge (deeper water) and worked my way in.  This worked great and saved a lot of frustration.  I was able to hook into three more fish one being a dink and two that where in the 3lb range. Check out the video on our YouTube Page.

Before two long, the lake was over run with pleasure boaters that apparently didn’t see me fishing so I decided to head off the water feeling pretty good that I was able to catch some fish in such difficult conditions.  It’s important to never get discouraged when you are faced with unexpected situations and conditions.  Trust your instinct and your past experiences to have an enjoyable day on the water.

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