7-7-12 – River Walleye And Deep Water Perch

We started the day on the Connecticut River bright and early chasing walleye. Using the same tactics as the past few trips, we were able to hook up with quite a few fish. If you have missed the description of our tactics and how we locate fish check out “Tips on Fishing The Connecticut River For Walleye” on our YouTube page or “Walleye In Wood Part II” in a recent post. The hot color for the day was white. We tried several other colors but had very limited success.

The majority of the fish we caught today were in the slot (16-18″). We ended up taking 3 fish home for dinner. One was over the slot and two were under. With the conditions of the river we endured the results were fair. The water was not high but it was stained and they were drawing water through the dam at a faster rate than ideal. Between the two of us, we caught a dozen fish and we got to watch our buddy pull in a 27.5″ 7 pound 11 ounce hog!

I also caught this nice sized fallfish!

After the walleye got a bit shy of our jigs, we packed up and headed to a pond on the way home to search out roaming perch. Using the same tactics described in “Deep Water Perch“, we found the fish quick. Without the fish graph, our trip would have been much less successful! We caught about 15 hogs before heading home early in the afternoon to clean them. We caught them on just about every bait we tried but the Charlie Brewer Crappie Slider was the ticket. Darker colors worked best.

We ended up taking home a few good eater sized fish for supper!


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