7-19-12 – Vertical Jigging Perch In The Wind

With motor issues before we left the house, we were wondering if we would ever get out fishing. Once the problem was fixed, we made the trek and got on the water a bit after 5 pm. The lake was rough because of wind and numerous boaters but we weren’t pushed off because we wanted some jumbo perch!

We started where the fish were biting on the last trip. We didn’t get any bites until the southern most extent of our drift. The fish had moved a bit more shallow but were still in about 20 feet of water. Each consecutive drift had the same results. We randomly picked up fish in deep water but consistently pulled them when we hit the break. Because of the wind and waves, each drift was slightly different than the last. We had one line that produced more than others so we tried to hold as true to its course without having to use the motor.

The set up was simple. We were running 1/4 ounce jig heads tipped with a piece of a crawler. We used orange, chartreuse, and pink jigs. The fish didn’t seem to have a preference to one color over another as all rods fired about the same amount of times. With a strong wind we were forced to run all of our rods off of the same side of the boat but fortunately we only got tangled once but it was with three lines!

Check out our Jumbo Perch Fishing In Vermont video we made with clips from the trip.

This is what the side of the boat looked like for most of the trip. We call it the “bearclaw”.

Here’s a few of the fish we caught

First double of the day.  We had two but didn’t take a picture of the second.

Final take

When the lake started to calm down we made a move towards shore to start casting for bass, bluegill, and pumpkinseed. The bass weren’t very hungry as we only caught one around two pounds but the bluegill were very aggressive. We were catching them on plastics, worms, and Heddon Baby Torpedos.

This is what I would call a survivor bluegill!

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