7-23-12 – Mixed Bag On Champlain

The weather forecast wasn’t looking good as we got on the road. The ride from Barre to northern Lake Champlain was short and warm. A bigger concern than the weather was blowing a tire on the hot pavement. The temperature was in the high 80’s and there was steady breeze with predicted severe thunder showers. At the time we launched the boat the sky was blue and only a few clouds on the horizon.

The fishing started off slow. We were pitching to shallow docks and the shaded side of boats but were only able to hook up with pumpkinseed, bluegill, and a few smaller bass. As we fished our way through the maze of boats the wind kept us working to not make a bumper boat course. After a while with minimal results, we decided to make a big move.

The spot we moved to started producing quick. Mostly perch and bluegill but we managed a few decent crappie. We found these fish stacked up under a few secluded boats and docks. At first we were tossing “Live” Baby Shad and the fish were biting. The only problem was many of the fish were small so hook ups were an issue. We made the switch to worms and that was the ticket. We started catching more fish everywhere we went.

We got a call after a bit on the water that the fish were biting back at our original spot. As we started to head back the clouds let loose. Luckily we had the foresight to put our rain gear on and managed to stay mostly dry. We endured rain,hail, frequent lightening, and whitecaps. What a 2 mile trip in a small boat! How did we not see this coming right?

After the clouds parted we were able to focus back on fishing. The bite was decent. Just about every cast yielded fish but they were all bluegill and pumpkinseed. At one point we were vertical jigging and could see a while Lake Champlain sized school of sunfish. Pretty cool sight to see. About this time we got a call from a passerby saying that there was another storm coming that was going to produce a more violent passing than the first. It didn’t take much for us to pack up and head out.

As we rounded the point to the boat launch the skies looked fine so we decided to fish a few more docks before loading up. These docks held a ton of fish. Some nice gills at that. We started off by casting to the docks but at the wind pushed us closer we were able to vertical jig them. The fish were biting at just about every depth in the water column.

While the fish were biting good, the black cloud we saw approaching over the tree line was less than inviting. About the time we turned the final crank onto the winch, the sky let loose. The rain came down so fast that it took about 5 seconds to be soaked head to toe. The ride home took a bit longer than usual as there were downed trees and visibility was very low for about half of the trip. I guess we got lucky even thought the fishing wasn’t great!


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