8-3-12 – Last Resort

With fishing slow everywhere I have been lately but brook fishing, I decided to head high and fish a remote pond for bass. I knew the bass would bite and I had company for the day that I wanted to catch some fish. We made the most of the conditions we were up against.

Upon arrival, the water was calm and down about a foot. Since my last trip, the weeds had have grown thicker and taller than any year that I have previously fished there. This was not a bad thing though… The weeds held the majority of the fish.

We fished senko’s rigged weedless so that we could prevent the numerous snags we would have experienced if any other bait was used. The fish were shallow, four feet or less, and very aggressive. I had several casts where I had fish grab my bait right at the boat as I was about to lift up for another cast.

The fish on this lake are not very picky so I took advantage of the situation and used up senkos that had been busted up fishing on other trips. It is also beneficial to use smaller pieces because the bass are smaller and by using a half senko, I increased my hook-up ratio. I found that fishing my bait top water across the surface of the weeds an dropping it as it came across the edge was the best method. Most bites came as I dragged it over the weeds though.

Check out Small Bass Save The Day on our YouTube Page for some of the footage from the trip.

As the evening progressed, I wasn’t very motivated to go get my butt kicked again by the bass again at camp so I took it east and went for a ride with my family around the lake. It’s not very often that I rest like that when I have the option to fish.

As the big moon came up, I took advantage of the light and snapped a shot of everyone sitting around the fire.


4 thoughts on “8-3-12 – Last Resort”

  1. Only a dedicated fisherman will make an effort to catch small bass, enjoy your posts and tips.


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