8-12-12 – More Jumbo Perch

I decided to fish for perch again today but with a new technique. I figured if I can catch them in the winter I should be able to in the summer using the same set up so that’s what I did!

As with yesterday, the lake was glass. Using my winter set up, I dropped down and started catching fish. When I was positioned over the fish they bit. Whether I caught them or not was all by chance. They were biting hard and because the lake was calm when I got a them, I got them good.

The fish came quick biting on an size 6 octopus hook tipped with a small segment of a crawler. I had the hook tied on a 6 inch lead, tied to a three-way swivel, weighted down by a 1/2 ounce bell sinker about 18 inches below the swivel. This set up allows an angler to know exactly how far their bait is off the bottom as the perch seem to cruise close to the bottom.

I ended up taking home 24 fish for the fish fry. The biggest fish was close to 14 inches. Since the last series of trips to this lake, the perch seem to have put on a bit of weight. The filets are thicker and they are developing quite a gut! When I got home and began to clean the fish, I notice a lot of bloodworms that were spit up in the bottom of the cooler as well as several small perch. That could explain whats happening…

Check out Jumbo Perch – 8-12-12 on our YouTube page!

Some filets for the fish fry!

As the fish came up from the depths, many were spitting up baby perch.

8 thoughts on “8-12-12 – More Jumbo Perch”

  1. summerville pier in rochester should be picking up they get hot just around labor day till ice comes on minnows caught from the lake.nice

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