9-14-12 – Perch And Bass

I got out on the water around 5:45 am Friday with a good buddy from college. We went out after jumbo perch and when the bite slowed we decided to bass fish until we left around 10am.

When we first started fishing, the fish were hungry but they were nipping the tails off of the crawlers. Whenever we would get on a good pod of active fish we would use the anchor function on the trolling motor to sit in place above the fish and pick at them little by little. Getting the fish to commit took to eating the whole presentation took a bit but we figured out to give them a good amount of slack in the line when not moving. Once this pattern was figured out it got better.

We stayed loyal to the 28-30 foot contour while fishing for the perch as there seemed to be none on the last trip outside of that depth range as well as right off when we started fishing on this morning.

So lately, I have been doing well catching the bass in deep water on a drop shot but we decided to cast to docks with senkos. We spent a little over an hour pounding shore and found that all activity was close to anything that offered cover. Docks, trees, and boats that were adjacent to deep water and weeds were the best bet. We boated 9 bass in the little time we spent fishing for them.

Great day on the water!

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