9-27-12 – First Day Targeting Pike

Having only caught a few northern pike in my life, I jumped at the opportunity to go out for a few hours after a day of clipping fins. Calling it a day right around 3 pm put us on the water shortly after 3:30. We decided to fish right off the launch rather than make a run looking for fish. Good thing we stayed! My very first cast I hooked into a pike but lost it only a few feet into the battle. Seeing my excitement, my fishing partner made the same cast I had and hooked into it again only seconds later! I figured that was a good start to the day!

A few casts later, I spotted the silhouette of a fish trailing my spinner bait only a short distance from the boat. I slowed my retrieve a hair and watched the big fish, close to 40″,  suck my bait into its mouth only a few feet from where I stood. I set the hook and as the fish turned it shook free so I could watch it swim away.  Fishing around this bay we caught several other fish and had a good time watching the abundance of perch and pumpkinseed cruising around. We also saw a couple of bowfin and bass holding tight in the weeds.

After fishing the majority of the large weed patch we were on, we made a move north to another well known producer of pike. The water went from being crystal clear sight fishing to blind casting in mud ridden water. The fishing was tougher but the strikes were more unexpected. We managed mostly bass at this spot with a good mix of smallmouth and largemouth. This was the spot where I caught my biggest pike of the day. It was right at 32″ and fairly thin.

The rest of the shore fished well allowing us to boat several more pike, bass, and perch. As the available amount of pike habitat diminished we ran across the lake to fish an area that I frequent during the ice fishing season.

In this area we found that the pike were more active with most bites coming as soon as the baits hit the water. The surface activity on the lake from other species also increased as the evening wore on. Unfortunately, with the setting sun the pike bite died. We managed to catch around a dozen pike, lost several, and had many followers. We closed the night off with some bass and perch. I think a new addiction was born today and pike will now be seeing more from me!

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