9-29-12 -Eliminating Patterns

The summer has been a productive one on the river for us with the walleye bite.  We found great fishing in the timber and along shoreline brush.  That action seems to have come to an end.

The surface temp on the river has dropped 12 degrees in two weeks, putting in now at  58.5 degree temp.  The walleye are out roaming, well at least that’s what I’m assuming due to this below average day of fishing.

I was greeted by cool temps and a slight drizzle when I pulled up to the launch on Saturday morning.   It was a good thing I had my Blue Suit made by Ice Armor to keep me warm.  Pulled up to my first spot that has produced awesome numbers this summer as well as two larger than average fish.  The first drop is usually a sure bite, but nothing.  I worked the area more and finally keyed into a change.   The fish were there, maybe not in the numbers that we had seen during the warmer months and they were very lethargic, maybe cold rainy mornings make them stay in bed a lot later too. . . . .  The key to the vertical jigging presentation on this day was to lay the bait on the bottom and slightly lift so that the jig would barely tickle the bottom.  A fast action rod was also key today as most bites we undetectable until you lifted.  I did hook into two nice fish, one shook the jig at the boat and another was a solid fish that got off after I pulled it from the timber, by the looks of the gold I saw when it rolled it was a nice one.  The only fish I boated at all three of my “go to” spots were three short walleye, a couple perch and a rock bass.  Not a good average.

No worries, the fish will move back onto to the structure, it’s only a matter of time before we’re back on the river vertical jigging for walleye.

Check out Another Cold Day On The River on our YouTube page!

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