11-16-12 – As Of Lately

The amount of time we have put into fishing lately has taken a big plunge! With the seasons changing from fall into winter, there are many things that need to be done in preparation for the harsh Vermont winter to come. Along with all the seasonal chores, we just wrapped up our deer rifle season and have a short window before muzzleloader season opens up this satruday for nine days. With many of our daylight hours being devoted to time in the woods and work, there is little to no time available for fishing.

With all of our boats put up for winter, the only thing left to do is dream about ice! The last several mornings I have woken up to ice on the pond at home and seen it throughout most of my travels to work and hunting. Today I drilled my first hole of the year. It felt good but the ice still has a ways to go! Check out the video Thin Ice on your YouTube page!

A nice sight to wake up to the other day!

We have put up a few videos lately.

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