12-20-12 – The Outdoor Gazette

Recently, we partnered up for a monthly spot in The Outdoor Gazette which is focused on “stories from your neck of the woods.” Hunting, trapping, and fishing are among the various topics covered and Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine are some of the locations that are represented. This was a magazine found on newsstands everywhere but has gone paperless and now can only be found online. Appropriately, we will be focusing our section on fishing stories and techniques in the great state of Vermont. Check out and like their facebook page as well!


Our first article was published in the December issue titled “Tournament Fishing Vermont – Small State, Big Competition” on page 35. Take a minute to check it out as well as all of the other great articles for your enjoyment!


Our plan is to try to incorporate different modes of fishing through the year showing what helps us be successful for whatever species we are after. Currently we are plotting out some of our potential topics. We have schemed up these topics for this ice fishing season: sight fishing bluegill, tip-up/jigging lakers, chasing deep water roaming perch, and  big baits for big crappie.

If you have any topics you would like to see covered contact us and we will see what we can do.

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