12-28-12 – After The Storm

After the recent snow storm that dumped about a foot over our area, the quality of the little ice we had was a major concern. Venturing out today, I found that the pond I was on still had the solid 4″ of ice it did prior to the storm as well as 2″ of slush and only 4″ of snow. There was a large wet spot out on the middle of the pond that I stayed clear of.

I targeted a depth range varying from 13-22′. I caught every one of my pumpkinseed in 16′ of water and all of my perch deeper. The fish were very finicky today even though they were loaded up on my Vexilar’s zoom. Just about every fish that I caught I didn’t have to work too hard to get to bite. As I would drop my bait they would charge it. There was a lot of static fish below the ice today and regardless of what I put in front of them they didn’t want it.

I found the magic presentation to be a size 3 green Bentley Bumble Bee with a black Jamei from Maki Plastics. As the temperature dropped during my stay on the ice, the fish went from stacked on my flasher screen to completely gone out of all of my drilled holes. It didn’t take me too long to realize that they had all vacated the area and gone else where in the pond. Being that I was only our for a short stay, I called it a day and headed home.



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