1-8-13 – Short And Slow Trip

I only had a few hours to get out today but I figured it was worth giving it a shot. It was my first trip to this particular spot and I had high hopes that the ice was decent. The ice ended up being fine in some spots but it took a bit to find a spot to get on that I felt comfortable with being by myself. The shore at the launch was all busted up and I didn’t feel like taking a swim!

Once on the ice, I punched some holes and started looking for fish with my underwater camera. The bluegill were there but not in size or numbers. I caught a few decent sized fish 8-9″ but nothing like I am use to here. It didn’t seem like they cared what colors I used. Just about every fish that I saw bit whatever I put in front of it. It’s funny how some days they are picky and some days anything goes. Too bad I couldn’t have lined up the good bite and big fish day!

I punched out a larger area than I had ever had to at this spot. The large weedbed usually holds all the fish needed to get me through a day. They were spread thin and tucked right into the bottom of the thick weeds and on the edge of a mud channel. They weren’t on the move at all and I would guess that  it was most likely because of the high sun when I arrived around 9a.

After a few hours of slow fishing, the punishment was too much so I decided to head home early for the day and catch up.





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