1-11-13 – Pre-Fishing The Wrong Spot

With a Vermont Sportsman tournament only a day away, pre-fishing the designated area was the intention but a group of good friends went elsewhere so we went for the comraderey.

We arrived to our fishing spot that morning and slide to the area that we knew was holding fish.  Fortunately for us we were able to make it there early enough that we could claim our spot.  This body of water has seen a major increase in tip up fishermen this year due to the fact that this is one of the few places in the area that has solid ice.

Our friends from a far arrived and we visited and set up shop for the morning bite.  First bite was strong bring in decent numbers of crappie, bluegill and big river perch.  The boys from New York are obsessed with big perch so it was a sight to see them pull some nice gold’s out of shallow water.  The fish didn’t cooperate for too long.  We worked our way along the channel and didn’t see much action so we cut another string of holes closer to the edge where the channel meets the weeds.  By this time a number of fellow fishermen have arrived and proceeded to set up their gear for pike.  There was a lot of noise and the fish quickly became spooked.  This string of holes along the weed edge would soon pay off.  With all the pressure developing as the morning went on the fish that wanted to be in the channel feeding slide just out of it and tucked into the weeds along the edge.  As we worked our way back through we ran into a good sized pod of crappies cruising  the weed edge feeding.  The fishing was fast but lasted only a short time.  We tried to follow the pod as they roamed the channel but they managed to sneak away from us probably doubling back.

It was a good day fishing, but more importantly it was a better day spent with good friends enjoying each others company.       Check out Mixed Bag Of Panfish on our YouTube Channel!



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