1-14-13 – Toughest Bite Yet

Another day on the ice! Perfect! For a few hours we planned on fishing with some guys we had met at the first tournament.

There was about 10 of us out there and unfortunately the fish weren’t biting very well. We looked just about everywhere we thought the fish could be. We looked deep and shallow, in the weeds and in the channel. Getting a bite seemed to be pretty tough throughout the entire day! You would think with 10 experienced fishermen the results would have been better

With the slow bite we tried a new technique that opposed our normal style of run and gun fishing. Our buddy Andy grabbed the underwater camera and I had my T 7 Custom Rods. Checking around the holes we realized the fish were everywhere! They were tucked in the weeds, suspending in the channel, and cruising everywhere else. One by one we started targeting specific fish. The method was pretty effective! We caught some perch, crappie, and gills. After several hours on the ice, the slow bite had us bummed. We decided to call it quite and head to a new body of water.

The moved to be ineffective. We caught fish and plenty of them. Unfortunately, the fish we caught tended to be between 3-5″. At least we had another ice report for the books! The day was ended well before sunset because of the hardships experienced throughout the day.

Back at it in the morning!


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