1-21-13 – Back To Fishing!

After four days of being stuck indoors working at the Yankee Sportsman Classic in Essex Vermont, it was finally time to get back to fishing! The weather was cool but that was not a concern with my edge suit from Ice Armor.  The trip down was uneventful until about 20 miles from our destination. Coming around a sharp corner, we caught up the rest of our convoy who was halted with a flat tire on a trailer. After repairing the  issue we got back on the road.

About 30 minutes later, we were fishing. The chill in the air had our freshly drilled holes freezing over quickly. With a quick kick to clean out the hole, it was no issue being able to get the jig down to the fish. Going hole to hole good numbers of fish seemed to be harder to find than usual.

To start the day the bite was decent. Some nice fish were spread throughout the large area that we usually fish. As the day wore on the bite slowed but the fish were still present. Using a camera, we checked high and low for the flat fish that we were after. Unfortunately, the bite never seemed to pick up. Around 3 pm, we decided that we had grinded it out long enough and we would start working back towards the parking lot through the holes that we had punched. If nothing picked up by then we would call it a day.

After a pleasant chat with the local warden after getting off the ice we because informed that the bite over the last week had been pretty slow throughout the area. Planning on fishing tomorrow, we had a large area that we didn’t feel the urge to fish again!



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