1-22-13 – Sure, Why Not Some Trout

Sure catching panfish on just about every trip is fun but it is nice to switch things up once in a while just to know we can still do it! Planning on sleeping in a bit and not meeting a buddy until 6:30, I hit the road only a few minutes late. The 40 minute drive from my house was converted into a a little over an hour on decent roads with extra cautious drivers. Being late is not something I am use to because I don’t like missing morning bites!

As the tips ups were being set out, the first flag popped. Of course it was the furthest flag we had out but the reel was spinning fast! Taking a second to catch my breath we decided the first flag was mine. As I pulled the tip up out of the water the fish kept moving. Quickly, I set the hook and began to retrieve my fish. As it screamed by the hole on the first pass we determined it was a young brown. As it came out of the hole we took a few pictures and removed the hook that was right in its beak. After releasing the fish we continues setting out our spread.

After we put 14 tip ups out we took a minute to rig up a jigging rod to hound some perch. The holes that we were looking for perch in were stacked but in 40 feet of water. The fish were aggressive but setting the hook didn’t go so well. After catching only one nice perch to several small ones we went back to relaxing and watching our tip ups.

From that point on the day went downhill fast. The wind picked up with gusts into the 30’s and the temps had to be in the single digits. The combination of the two ended our trip early. After cooking a venison and hotdog lunch, we decided that we were full, happy, and cold and that going home was our best option. The next fish that we caught on a trip up was as we picked up for the day.

In the end, we both got to catch a trout and eat some good food. When I arrived home, the wind was blocked by the trees and I felt bad for going home early. I think theres another tip up trip in the near future! It’s nice to sometimes sit back and relax.








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