2-2-13 – VSHTS Second Stop

The second stop to the Vermont Sportsman Hardwater Tournament Series was scheduled to be on Laphams Bay on southern Lake Champlain. When over an inch of rain fell and warm weather melted all the snow then ran into the big lake just a few days before the event, the southern end of the lake turned to mud. The event was rerouted to be on Dillenbeck Bay on the northern end to give anglers a better chance at catching fish.

The day of the event was on a nice day. The winds were fairly calm for the area and the sun was shinning until just after noon. The bite on the other hand was tough. Fishing from 6:30 am until just before 2 pm, the number of fish that came through the ice was slim. Not very many fish, other than perch, were released.

Overall, only 14 crappie and 110 pumpkinseed/bluegill were weighed in at the end of the day. The bite was tough for this part of the lake.  Bobby finished off the day in 5th place with a weight of 2.13 pounds. The bag was composed of 3 pumpkinseed and one crappie. Dylan had a final weight of 1.80 pounds composed of just 3 pumpkinseed, finishing in 17th. The weights of the entire field were relatively close because crappie were not much of a factor.

In the end the event was a success. Good times were shared with great people. It is great to catch up with guys that travel near and far to fish these events being that we don’t get to see many of them on a regular basis. One unfortunate disqualification too place at the end of the day but in the end turned out very well for all involved. We will let our friend Justin Boyer sum it with a post that be put up on Facebook:

“Today while fishing a tournament I witnessed true sportsmanship at the greatest level. A youngster probably no older then 9 or so was fishing with his uncle. This kids father had just passed away last year so he fished with his uncle. This was his first tournament he had ever fished. They were doing well and were pretty excited about the day. However they over looked the rule of only one angler per shanty. They were both in the same shanty and this resulted in a disqualification from the event. They understood and gracefully bowed out. The weigh in came and the results announced. The winner of this event Ricky Doyle asked the youngster to step up with him in the front. He told the crowd that he was the one who reported the uncle and the child, and said that we have an obligation to police ourselves on the ice and commended the child for his sportsmanship and effort. This is the good part this man with his winnings told this youngster who just lost his father that he would be giving half of his winnings to him and also give him his winning plaque!! The child didn’t know what to do. But kept saying “thank you, thank you so much” and even tried to reject the offering. We all need to step back and ask ourselves when the last time we did something like Ricky Doyle did today?? This is a lesson in caring and sportsmanship on the greatest level, we should be happy that this still exists in this world today. It may seem small but let me tell you to see this happen in front of you and see that child as humble as he was, was nothing short of amazing! I tip my hat to Ricky! A gentleman, you made that Childs day and made everyone of us stop and think about how to act on the ice and elsewhere!! Well done!! Fisherman do have hearts and we take care of our own and always will!!!”




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