2-13-13 – New Friend, Slow Day

For quite some time now, I have been talking to a fisherman through an online forum about some common areas that we both frequent. We had talked in the past about getting together for an outing but until now, have never been able to connect. We talked about walleye, crappie, perch, trout. and salmon. We settled on an area that offered various trout species with the intentions of jigging up perch despite the slow bit that has been occurring. He said he usually catches a fish or two at this spot but as the winter wares on the fishing heats us.

We were set up with tip ups on the ice around 6:30. The day called for blue skies with temps in the mid 30’s so if nothing else we would be comfortable. Within only a few minutes the first flag of the day popped up. Then another! Then another! These flags were all relatively close to each other and as we worked the first two up, we realized that a pod of nice sized perch went through the spread. After re-baiting, we punched holes to jig in.

Throughout the day, we moved around quite a bit looking for fish. Most attempts were unsuccessful and those holes that held fish resulted in only perch. Being that I had to work today at 2, I had to call it a day shortly after noon. Although the fishing wasn’t great it was good to meet my new fishing friend. I’m sure there will be more trips in the future. Some will be successful while others won’t. That’s why its fishing, not catching!

Later that night, I got a message saying that he had caught a small salmon before picking up.

One thought on “2-13-13 – New Friend, Slow Day”

  1. Reblogged this on camptocometoonews and commented:
    I miss all that Vermont Ice Fishing.Hey I have a good idea freeze me a bunch of perch ship cod and charge what you will oh Please. Mr. Vermont

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