3-6-13 – Perch Before Work

On the way to the lake this morning, I was on 302 between Barre and Montpelier, and I tagged my first deer of the year. I had one come out on the road in front of me so I slowed down to about 20 miles per hour. As she cleared the road on the other side, another one run out and into the side of my car. Luckily, I was driving my forester and it hit the rear quarter panel. No damage was done except for a little hair smeared on the side and my gas tank lid was popped open. When I got out to inspect the scene, I watched the deer run off. I would assume with a headache.


I was on the ice as the sun came up. It was a great day to be on the water as there was very little wind and it was fairly warm. There was only four people out jigging today and two groups of tip up fishermen. The lake was quiet and so were the fish…

The first hour and a half that I spent on the ice produced no fish. It wasn’t until 7:20 that I caught a few fish in an area and had a clue as to how they were moving this morning. The fish were spread thin but if you could find them, they were aggressive. I looked all over for fish. It seemed like I was having my best luck through the middle of a large mud flat. Most times, I was only able to catch one fish out of a hole but there was a few exceptions where I got three or four.

This was the first trip that I changed up my perch fishing colors. All winter long I have been running orange/glow and purple/glow over a red flasher. Because I was having such trouble locating fish and getting them to bite, I figured this was the best decision. The purple/glow was still somewhat productive so I upped the size and then changed the orange to a green/glow. Being in 30 feet of water, I think that the glow helps attract and entice them.

Before hitting the ice this morning, I filled the gas tank on my auger so I didn’t have to carry my spare tank. I have never even come close to emptying my tank while perch fishing but today I did. The number of holes I cut today is more than I have all winter in a single day.

Even though the day was slow, the fish that I did catch were quality and I was able to bring home a few good meals.



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