4-20-13 – Shoreline Crappie

After a last ditch effort to catch walleye from shore, and longbeards strutting in front of my truck, I decided to salvage the day and fish a small but usually productive setback from shore. The water was high and flowing out of the setback which usually means a bad bite from our experience. I tried the riverside opening with no success and a fast moving bobber in the current.

I worked my way up the shoreline with the wind at my back. I was hoping that the wind blew all the warm surface water up into the sheltered end of the cut. When I was almost to the sheltered end, I caught my first bluegill. It was also the smallest fish of the day! From my vantage point, I could see the shore the wind was blowing against had fish popping. It appeared that the fish were holding in a very small area maybe the size of twin sized mattress

I kept working my way around the shore line, paralleling where the fish were. From here, I had two thick weed patches that when I hit it right, would catch a fish every time. If I could cast past the weeds and drag it directly between the two patches, they would bite. When I had success, I was throwing a 1/16 ounce pink jig head with a gulp 1″ minnow under a bobber. I tried using larger baits first but these fish were looking for something specific. Also the water was still cold so offering these fish a slow moving, small bite enticed them even more.

For a while, the wind helped but eventually it brought the demise of the stellar bite. The fish scatted because the wind continued to blow cooler water in.. I stayed for another half hour, fanning my casts over the entire area. Unfortunately, the fish were done biting and the water had significantly cooled.

Moral of the story- pay attention to the wind, sun, and calm water… It can heavily dictate the amount of your success of failure.



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