5-5-13 – Last Ditch Effort

After an unsuccessful trip to the river to check on the walleye and crappie, we decided that we weren’t going to fish a day and be skunked. To put a fish in the boat, we hit  a small lake on our way back through with hopes of hooking into a few bass and maybe some perch.  Not being prepared for either it was certainty going to be an interesting trip.

We arrived to the lake a little after 5 pm and were greeted by water temperatures in the mid 60’s.  Our first hour was to be spent on catching a few bass.  With not much too choose from as far as tackle goes, I decided to leave my half ounce black jig head on and grabbed a black 4″ senko from the bag.  We made a quick run to one of my favorite smallmouth bass spots hoping to catch a few off beds.  The early years of my fishing experiences was spent tearing this lake apart in search of both species of bass. I felt pretty confident that we would find a few to avoid the skunk.  The lake is a huge bowl with very few contour breaks, a larger basin in the middle and pockets of milfoil which provides the bass with good cover.

The first spot was not able to produce even a bite so we made another quick run.  The second spot, unlike the first, was geared towards targeting weeds and weed edges.  I like to fish the weed edges that drop off into deeper water. They always seem to produce fish.  Unlike most, I fish these edges a little different.  I like to make my cast parallel to the edges and retrieve along side of them instead of casting into the weeds and pulling through them.  I usually will run into a few that are lurking on the weed edge ambushing their prey.  A few casts into the second spot, I was able to hook into a cute little pounder.  it was not a smallmouth but instead a largemouth.

This lake is more about specific bait placement as it is bait selection.  My ability to catch fish on this day was a product of no trick, it was knowing the lake and how the fish acted.  Years of practice on this body of water helped me to put a few decent bass in the boat on our short trip.  Moral of the story; pay close attention to when, where and how you caught a fish.  I remember when I figured this pattern out on this lake by pure accident, but now I know a sure way to produce a bite.  You too can learn these patterns with close observation.


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