5-12-13 – Mother’s Day Panfish

After a morning dedicated to turkeys and our mothers, it was off with the boat to the water we went. With hopes that the crappie were still spawning and some decent bluegill would bite, there was nothing left to do but try it!

Upon our arrival, we saw a few kayaks and one canoe out on the water. The wind was strong and brisk. The skies were dark but it wasn’t raining but it looked like it would. After launching the boat, we realized that our main issue for the day would be dealing with the wind. The worst wind we could have was anything out of the south,south east and yup, you guessed it, that is exactly where it was coming out of.

We were fishing “Live” Baby Shad by Lake Fork Trophy Lures under a bobber.  Last time we had fished this particular spot we found that the crappies were scattered through out the channel at the back most part of the setback.  We decided that we would work our way to that spot fishing a few tress along shore on the way thinking maybe they had began to seek out their cover and shade.  A major difference between today and the last time we were here were the weeds.  It had been a few weeks and with unseasonably warm weather for the end of  April and beginning of May the weeds had really started to grow, some already reaching the surface on the large flats.

Like we said before the wind was a major factor even for the 16.25 foot Lund.  The first hour was slow but we did manage to catch a few small male crappie that were tucked right up on shore.  After fishing the shoreline with little success, we made our way for the channel where the fish were holding weeks ago.  We used the recent weed growth to our advantage, fishing the edges with a little more line under our bobbers.  This pattern payed off as we were able to land several nice spawning colored males.  The fish were still scattered through out the channel but seemed to be concentrated in one specific area.  We worked our way through the channel making long casts, working the weed edge and the shoreline.  We did find some bull gills tucked into shore which made for a nice battle on our ultra light setup.


When the wind would die down we found pockets of fish that were busting the surface. With all the activity, we knew that we had to inspect and see what was going on. Drifting over these areas revealed hundreds of beds. The fish would dart out leaving us only mud clouds. From a distance we started pitching baits. We found out that they were all spawning pumpkinseed. Only when the wind was slightly blowing could we catch them though. They were very spooky!

Our timing may have been a little off for the species we intented to target. The conditions were certainly not ideal, but we manged to have a successful day and capture some great photos.





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