5-19-13 – Champlain Walleye And Bass

We weren’t rushing to get on the water today. The last few days had produced a better mid day bite than at first light and the weather was suppose to be fairly calm all day. We were launching the boat close to 7:15 and were dropping our first line shortly after. We putted through the shallow water watching the fish finder to see if we could find a pod of walleye.

We went a while before catching the first fish and as it turned out, a dinky white perch wasn’t all that exciting! We finished off our slow drift with no other excitement. We decided to move in the same direction as many of the other boats were going. We drove through the maze of other boats and from what we could tell, the fishing was slow.

We continued past every one else and up to a deeper hole with only two other boats. The first pass through took a few of our grabber rigs. Once we got a hang on bottom structure, a few fish started to come our way. We picked a few rockbass and smallmouth before hooking into the first walleye. It was a little over 19″ and right in a thick mix of woody debris on the bottom. A few more drifts through the same area produced no fish but we kept at it.

Drift by drift we found a section of bottom that wasn’t completely filled with snags and held some fish. The other boats in the stretch were onto the same spot and were picking fish at about the same rate that we were. We got to see a few walleye, a huge sheephead, and some nice smallmouth bass.

Overall the fishing was slow but we caught some nice fish. The wind picked up and ultimately made the call for us that it was time to go home. Our jigs could hardly touch bottom because we were moving so fast and when it died momentarily, the lines sunk and snagged up. We were on the road home shortly after lunch time.




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