6-30-13 – High Water On Lake Champlain (Part 1)

We were on the water shortly after sunrise and the species being targeted was bass. Of course if the opportunity presented itself, panfish gear was kept close. After all the rain over the last week, the water level has come up quite a bit expanding the shores of the lake to include much of the timber surrounding. Fortunately, the water was still pretty clear so in some instances, sight fishing was possible.

We started fishing shallow water with milfoil and curly pond weed in abundance. We found some fish but mainly they were relating to any woody debris that was around. After an hours with only a few fish, we headed to look for deeper weeds in clear water. As we started fishing along, we hooked up with a few fish. Mostly smallmouth bass but a decent pike as well. The fish were on the deeper edge of weeds and very skiddish. Paralleling the shore, we found one rocky point that jetted out quite a ways with suspended smallmouth that wouldn’t bite. The main bait of choice was rubber worms because they were able to stay in the strike zone longer. Most of the fish seemed unwilling to move very far for a meal.

Around the corner from the rocky point, we got into a windblown, flooded shoreline. The bass were holding tight to timber and very aggressive. These fish turned out to be all largemouth. With a good cast, most trees produced bites. Although, there were lots of panfish around, I stuck to fishing bass the best I could. The more we drifted, the more I became torn between fishing for bass or panfish. I ended up giving in and caught a bunch of rockbass, bluegill, and pumpkinseed.

For the remainder of the morning, I switched back and forth between bass and panfish. The smallmouth bass were relating to small to medium sized boulders and a slight chop of the water, the largemouth were hugging shallow structure, and the panfish were just about everywhere!



Towards the end of our morning session, we came across a rock that was loaded with turtles.


IMG_8992The afternoon was spent on a small inland body of water. The fishing wasn’t great but we caught some decent bass, lots of perch, and some pumpkinseed.

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