7-22-13 – Switching It Up

Most of the posts lately have been about panfish so it made sense to try something different. A buddy of mine who I don’t get much on the water time with had a day off so we made arrangements to hit the water for a full day. I picked him up at 5 and after hooking up to the boat, we were on the road.

We were on the water shortly after 6, with hopes of some walleye, perch, rockbass, and smallmouth bass. The first 20 minutes of the morning was the best. We put several walleye on board before they shut off for the rest of the morning. We worked spot to spot as well as several new ones hoping to key in on a new honey hole. Unfortunately, nothing resulted as far as walleye went. We were however, able to locate big numbers of rockbass and perch.After having some fun picking rockbass and perch, we had had enough and went after some bigger fish; Bass.

About 40 minutes later, we were putting the boat in the water again with flipping jigs tied on. We started off working some docks that were adjacent to deeper water. There were some fish holding on the docks but we found a better bite in dense weed clusters and on the deep edge of weeds on the first main break. Bites tended to come on the initial drop and were very subtle. Most times, bites were detected by the line moving sideways. As we neared the end of our trip, we drifted up on some docks in deep water. This ended up being one of the best spots of the day as the numbers were great!

Although none of the bass were big, a 2.5 average is still decent!








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