7-23-13 – Sunshine Crappie

We have a track record of making the wrong decision when it comes to leaving home and deciding on the ride as to where we should go. Today one on the fly call finally worked out in our favor!

Getting a late start, we were hitting the water shortly after 10 am. With only a slight ripple on the water, our only obstacle was the rain coming down. We had elected to scratch our initial plans to walleye fish on an inland pond because of localized thunderstorms but it looked like we were going to be no better off to be on Lake Champlain!

From the start, we began to piece together a day. The fish were there but wanted the bait swinging and not bouncing. They also wanted it moving up and down over the course of a few feet with a slow presentation. Picky, I know but that isn’t even as bad as it gets! The best bite, producing the largest fish, came during two of our sunny breaks in the sky. Neither of these breaks were long lived but surely long enough to make the day great!


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