7-30-13 – Rough Road Bass Fishing

My girlfriend and I convinced her sister to come out with us for the day to paddle around a remote pond while we fished. The weather was going to be nice and what better way to spend it than on the water!

We made the drive in, taking our time because the road has deteriorated quite a bit since last year. After about 30 minutes of being in 4-wheel drive, we arrived to our destination. The only thing left to do was unload the kayaks and make the 100 yard portage to the water. After shoving off and loading up the dog, we were ready!

As we started to work around the pond, we found that the fish were not like they have been in the past. While still relating to wood and grass but the numbers seemed fewer. This pond was unfortunately stocked by someone who though bass were better than wild brook trout several years back. Since then, the bass have stunted, and from what I can tell, steadily decreased in overall size. On a plus side, you can usual fish for a few hours and catch well over 50 bass!

Because of the size of the bass, using the standard 5″ rubber worm makes hooking up difficult.  To counteract this, I either buy 3″ worms or break a 5″ worm in half. Rigging weedless is ideal because of all the weeds and timber but most bites come within the first few seconds of free fall so in most cases, the weedless rigging isn’t needed.

After a few hours of paddling, we were all ready to head back to our home base and have some well deserved lunch.

Check out Rough Road Bass Fishing on our YouTube page for more action!



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