8-4-13 – Early Morning Success

I hit the water this morning with a few buddies. We were on the water for sunrise and planned to only stay a few hours due to prior commitments. With the water flows in our favor and some nice weather up until about noon, it couldn’t get any better. That is until we put some fish in the boat!

For a short while, the bite was slow. Part of the problem with the spots that we fish are that the fish don’t hold in them over night so the mornings tend to take time to be productive. Each trip, a chunk of time is spent trying to locate them coming from their staging areas. Once the sun hits the top of the trees, locating fish is usually not an issue though.

Finally, on this trip, we had some success! The fish that we found were coming from a large hole through a gradual sand rise funneling to their daytime haunts. Though this path might not be the one they use every time, it certainly was today! Dragging 3/8 – 1/2 ounce jigs tipped with half crawlers was the ticket. With no significant flow, the trolling motor was set at 15%. This speed seemed to provide us the most production until we could see the sun.

Over the next few hours, we targeted several log jams in 11-16 FOW. The majority of the fish we caught were rockbass, perch, and smallmouth bass with walleye coming in closely just behind. While none of the fish were over the slot, all three of us took home a few eaters. My grandfather sure will be happy when he gets this delivery!



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