8-17-13 – Feeling Lost

Trying to expand our fishing opportunities throughout the state, we figured that we would give planer boards a shot. We were after walleye with a new technique and it would be an understatement to say we felt lost…

We got on the water in the late morning. With about 7 hours to fish until we headed home, we started the learning curve. The rods went out with ease but we knew it would become more difficult from there. Other obstacles to come would be, reading the boards for bites, learning contours due to a lack of a bathymetric map, and bringing fish to the boat without tangling up the other three lines.

It didn’t take long to get into some action. Unfortunately, the majority of our action was with perch. Small ones at that. On the plus side we learned a lot about what it looks like when a fish bites. Another chunk of our action was due to weeds and boulders. This was probably the most frustrating part of the day for us. Having to bring in rods in order to not lost an expensive lure was very time consuming. Although there may be a way to get around having to bring the lines in, we sure couldn’t get it.

After a few passes, we learned a bit about what we could fish with the lures we had and not snag. After a while, we took one rod off a board because it wasn’t running right and started long lining. Wouldn’t you know it, the one walleye we caught was on the rod that had no line counter reel… Although we had a spot with fish, the action we used to catch it wasn’t replicable. Although we tried, we weren’t able to duplicate.

Though the day was not overly successful, it is far from a failure considering we were way out of out element and still caught what we went for. Since this trip, we have done some more research, worked on some more fine tuning, and are planning a second round. There certainly is a lot of potential for other species on this tackle!



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