8-21-13 – More New Water Fish

With a few hours to burn one hot afternoon I grabbed my jig rod and a few tubs of crawlers and went exploring.  We had a tip of a few walleye being caught so I figured I’d check that out.  My plan was to find some deep holes and jig.

Not really ever seeing this stretch of river, it took a little scouting and driving the roads to find what i was looking for.  This particular section isn’t know for it’s deep holes but if you can find rock outcroppings you could usually find a decent pool.   Having fished  other sections of the river from shore in the spring, I knew that I wanted to fish the eddies, and slow jig my crawler working just along the current break.

My first stop looked just perfect, I made a cast and within a few seconds, I hooked up.  Whatever I had it felt big, not keeping in mind I was fishing a little bit faster water then normal.  I managed to land the fish and was not surprised when I saw that it was a nice keeper walleye.  I re-rigged a crawler and made an identical cast, this cast ended in a lost jig, but I knew that whatever I lost that jig on (probably the rock outcropping) was holding fish.  I re-tied and made another cast, hooked up again with another nice fish.  Well know I had some kind of pattern going so I decided to get in the truck and keep looking.  My next stop was very similar to the first.  After wading out to the rocks I could see fish laying just out of the current along a slab of ledge in about 6 feet of water.  Thinking that they were walleye my hunting background kicked in and I for some reason went into stealth mode.  I crouched down, put on a crawler and pitched the jig just past the fish.  After taking a closer look and not believing that they hadn’t hit my jig I realized that those fish weren’t walleye after all, they were fallfish.  Back to the eddies and current breaks.  I managed to catch two smaller walleye at this spot and moved on.

Days later I went back with the intention of finding more spots, not keeping in mind it was a weekend.  Well most of the spots I wanted to fish were crowded with people swimming and tubing so I decided that was enough for that day.

It’s always nice to get out and find some new waters, and it’s even better when you find something not expected.  I will being putting more miles on for sure looking for more spots.



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