9-8-13 – Trying It All

We hit the water today with plans of fishing until dark on a stretch that we have only seen a few times. We had a few spots in mind on where to look but planned on spending a chunk of the day searching for new areas and techniques. The weather was going to be nice but the wind was going to be whipping all day. With a good charge on the trolling motor battery and warms clothes on, we hit the water

We started off the day on a long stretch of rocky bottom with little success. Yellow perch and rockbass were the only fish holding up behind the larger rocks that the fish graph identified. With the strong wind in the teens, we figured that the fish had been blown off to their sheltered retreats

The next spot we hit turned out to be one of the top spots for the day. We located a small, subtle rise in 30 feet of water with lots of bedrock on the downstream side and steep breaks on the inside and outside. The fish were piled up on top and the first few drops resulted in walleye. After several walleye under the slot, the bite switched over to rockbass, perch, and smallmouth. We worked the area through and gave it a break to recharge.

From the next few hours we spent time searching for new locations and checking weed edges for panfish. Although nothing was overly productive, we located some great seasonal locations!

On the way back to the launch we checked the small rise we found earlier and found the same results. walleye bit first then switched to other species. While trying to locate where the walleye went on the second pass, we located a submerged tree adjacent to a deep water weed edge. We got bit our first few drops and when we got hooked up we each put our fish over the slot in the boat. With our limits complete we went back searching.

Before leaving we located a cluster of what we believed to be tires and other debris in deep water. We worked through the area picking up a bunch of walleye and rockbass. To our surprise, tires don’t snag as easily as one would think. Ending the day on a high note sounded like a good idea, plus it was just before dark. We loaded up the boat after a successful day and talked about how we could make the next trip better!





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