9-22-13 – Too Much Wind

We had a full day on the water planned but with wind advisories and rain statewide, deciding where to go seemed like a daunting task. We waited until late last night to make a decision that Lake Champlain offered us the largest variety of available species and techniques necessary to take advantage of anything that would bite.

We were on the water shortly after 5 am but not much happened until close to 7. Searching weeds, wood, and rocks, we picked at mostly small crappie until Dylan caught his first catfish. What a fight it was on light weight panfish gear! After the release, we loaded up the boat due to weather report of a nasty storm rolling in on us as well as an increase in wave activity.

Chasing blue skies north, we were on the water again with hopes of a better bite in slightly calmer water and no rain. We located fish that were super finicky but over the course of an hour, identified a few sweet spots. While a handful of crappie were taken home, the majority were released for the winter months to come!

Check out My First Catfish on our YouTube channel for more action!





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