12-8-13 – Mixed Bag

I hit the road with a buddy after sunrise as we didn’t know what to expect for ice. We had made a plan the night before of places that we wanted to fish with each being more likely than the last to be holding ice. The first spot we checked was solid but was our last resort. Having a good feeling, we made the trek to our first choice location only to see a four wheeler out on the middle of the pond. Game on!

Although the ice wasn’t thick enough at only 4″ for me to be using any kind of vehicle, to each their own. We unpacked my car and started walking out. We punched a series of holes over a large area with varying depth and vegetation. We were to be targeting perch, pumpkinseed, and crappie so our depths ranged from 7-20 feet of water.

The fish were starting off the day slow but when located they readily bit. As time wore on, it appeared that the crappie were no where to be found but that the large perch (12″+) were cruising the weed edge in 15-19 FOW regularly. Working tungsten jigs with red and white jamei’s from Maki Plastics we hole hopped identifying a few locations that held better concentrations of fish than others.

For the majority of the day we worked over the areas that were producing allowing them to recharge with when when they slowed up. A few hours before sunset we decided to make a move to a location on the lake that the crappie hold up in the summer. While the fish were vacant, we were closer to the car. We packed up as the sun started to set and made our way home.






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