12-30-13 – Champlain Spread

With poor fishing reports from many places on Lake Champlain, we made a trip to check for ourselves. We were on the water around 8 am and checked some of the normal areas that produce. With a strong breeze blowing, detecting bites was very tough. Right off, we located fish. The first fish was a small bluegill, the second fish was a small perch, and the third fish was a decent crappie. Not a bad start to the day. After that, the wind picked up even more fishing became very difficult.

We decided to make a move to a section of the bay that would be a bit more sheltered from the wind. The move proved effective for both less wind and more fish. For the remainder of the day, we hole hopped trying to stay on a decent bite. The fish seemed to be moving in a linear pattern with different size class schools cruising through. As dark grew closer, the fish vanished all together. With the cold setting in and a slight switch in wind direction, we lost motivation to stick it out until dark.

While it wasn’t the best day on Champlain, it certainly wasn’t as poor as everyone had been saying. Sometimes just a day can make that much of a difference!


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