12-31-13 – New Years Eve Panfish

We had ample time today for a long trip so we made the most of it. Arriving at what we hoped would be a quality crappie bite, no one was on the water yet. Having the place to ourselves, we punched out a large area over deep water that the crappie usually roam through. The bite wasn’t what we hoped for. We caught quite a few crappie bot not much for quality. The bluegills on the other hand were stacked. We had to pick through them to weed out the dinks. In the mix with the crappie and bluegill were some perch and bass.

With such a poor bite, we decided to relocate to a place where we knew the fish would bite. We still had plenty of day left to burn and wanted to improve on our results thus far. The move was worth it. While the fish weren’t pounding, the bite was steady with quality fish. Mainly the crappie were aggressive but there was also a fair number of bluegills that were coming out of their weedy haunts.

As the sun started to set, the fishing picked up. I followed the crappie from their weedy day time locations out into short weeds and open water. They were suspending, feeding heavily. Just about every drop a fish would come up and smash my jig before it could get half way down. Sure was a great way to spend the last day of 2013!

Check out New Years Eve Panfish on our YouTube page for some more action!





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