1-1-14 – New Years Day Perch

What better way to bring in the new year than with some jumbo perch? Knowing that I had to be to work at 2pm, I needed a bite that was short lived so that I wouldn’t feel obligated to stay all day. Getting on the water around 6 am, the first task was to locate fish. With the jumbos roaming below us in deep water, they could be anywhere in the large lake.

We fished for a little over an hour before locating fish. Once we found them though we were able to pretty much sit in a small area and pick at them. The bite was slow for the first 45 minutes but we were catching fish every few minutes. They were holding tight to the bottom and most bites came within 6″ of the mud. As the sun started to rise higher, the fish started to come up off the bottom a little more and became super aggressive. At this point, most of the fish that I was pulling were 3-5′ from the bottom. They were also charging hard.

Around 8:30 the bite shut off completely. No fish could be found so we made a move to a different location to get after some bluegill. The bluegill were were relating to weeds and were biting well. For a few hours leading up until about 12:30, the bite was steady with nice fish on occasion. Knowing work was approaching fast, I loaded my car back up and headed home. While having to go to work was bittersweet, relaxing for a few hours was much needed. I’ll be back out in a few days!



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