1-11-14 – First Leg of the VSHTS

This past Saturday was the opening event for the Vermont Sportsman Hardwater Tournament trail.  The event took place at Dillenbach Bay in Alburgh Vermont.  If you haven’t had a chance to make it to one of these events I would hope you might soon.  Scott Blair and James Vladka are putting on an amazing event for the fishermen of the northeast.

The weatherman was calling for poor fishing conditions,  20-30mph winds and rain for most of the day.  We made our way off the launch after the checking of our sleds at 6am.  Walking through the darkness towards a way-point from the day before we were hopeful the fish were still there.  We drilled out our grids and waited for the 6:30 start time.  The first hour was slow, we marked very few fish and had to make a decision to stay here or make a move.  We knew that we needed a little sunlight to wake the fish up and get them active, so we waited.  A little daylight made a huge difference.  About an hour into the day we started to notice a little movement on the screens of our Vexilars.  Sure enough there were still a few fish in the area from the day before.  Dylan was able to have a limit of perch and seeds from just one hole.  Bobby was struggling a bit until he matched jig color and went to a slightly different color plastic.  This made a difference as we both shortly had respectable limits in a few hours time.  With fish to weigh in we decided to make a move in search of bigger seeds and perch and hopefully  a few crappie.

We made a big move and worked in towards shore where nobody had fished.  Dylan had seen fish here on the camera the day before and we were thinking they were untouched.  We arrived, drilled our grid, and nothing, not a fish in sight.  We didn’t waste any time and we went to another spot that held crappies the year before, still nothing.  Knowing there were fish around we started working our way back to our initial location hoping to bump into a few.  Dylan was the first to find something beneficial and stumbled upon a few jumbo perch, catching one good one that ultimately would be his kicker fish.  Bobby had found a few fish about a 100 yards past Dylan’s perch.  This is where we would spend the rest of our day picking a fish here and there.

tourney 1

The weather had a major impact on this fish and the fishing.  The wind made it near impossible to feel or even see any sort of bite.  We really had to rely on our electronics for bite detection.  At around 1pm the skies broke open and the rain came down hard.   We could tell that the grill was in working order as our noses brought us to shore.  Both of us fared well at the weigh-in.  Dylan took third place (in the money) with 3.18lbs and Bobby 4th with 2.99 pounds.  A good outing for us amongst 49 other fishermen and we hope to keep it up at the next event slotted for January 25th at Larrabees Point.   Hope to see you all there.

For more information you can check out Vermont Sportsman Hardwater Tournament Series or following them on facebook.

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