1-5-14 – Quality Fish All Around

I planned on fishing two bodies of water today knowing that my first bite would die off around 9 am. From about 5;15 until 6 the bite wasn’t happening. I was seeing plenty of fish on my flasher but they were biting real light. I think they were mainly small perch. As daylight drew nearer, the bite picked up and the perch were biting in numbers. I fished a small group of 5 holes that produced one fish at a time but quickly replenished. I ended up keeping twenty, 12″+ perch and released about 30 that were 10-11″. I fished until 8:30 when the bite shut off completely. Not a fish was to be had. I decided that it was time to push on to my second location

At the second location, the bite was happening but it wasn’t easy. While many fish were below, crappie were the only thing biting. Mainly, the weed edge was the place to be but holes that had short weeds, 6″ or less, were most productive. Working hole to hole, we got on small schools of crappie several times following them until they turned around or hit a break and scattered. Many of the holes that held fish were instantly apparent if any would bite or not. The inactive fish never moved while the rest were charging hard.

With the rain/sleet that is coming tomorrow, I will take a day off and catch up on the house work that has been lacking lately!




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