1-7-14 – Holy Cold

I took yesterday off because of the heavy rains but I didn’t wait long to get out today. With ice on the roads, I got on my way well before the morning traffic. I didn’t want to have to deal with other drivers that might get in the way of new panfish waters! Having never seen this body of water other than from a far, I knew I would be cutting some serious holes before the day was over.

My first stop proved to be the most successful. On my first drop I pulled a decent bluegill followed by a dozen others in nearby holes. Not finding anything other that the gills, I decided to push on and keep looking. Yellow perch and gills were the only thing that I was able to locate. Much of the water was over 10′ with no weeds. Weeds were the key.

As I kept searching, I ended up finding myself on thin ice. When I say thin, I mean going from 8-10″ to 2″. Not to mention it was all white… Not feeling comfortable alone and on a slow bite, I packed it up and headed to a different location that I knew would produce and be safe.

The rest of the day was spent pulling mostly crappie with a few gills in the mix. With the extreme cold, I wasn’t able to stick it out until dark and was on the road home shortly after 4.




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