1-12-14 – Big Fish Only

I got to enjoy another windy day on the water. From before day light, the wind was whipping but the temperatures were relatively warm so it was manageable. With holes punched, I started hole hopping looking for jumbo perch. They were scattered but around. It seemed like aggressive jigging was more productive today that any other method. After a few hours, I decided to pack it up and head to a different spot because the fish had shut off.

The second location proved to be equally tough. Using an underwater camera, I could see the pods of crappie roaming through the weeds. The thick weeds held the majority of the fish but the ones in sparse weeds were more aggressive. They were in there thick and in some serious numbers! Until almost dark, I picked at the active fish while most were lethargic. I took home a few meals for the days a head!



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