1-21-14 – Cold Again!

A cold day warrants spending the day in a shelter. For this day, four of us sat in my Clam Big Foot XL4000T. We had a spread of tip ups out and the action was pretty good. There were loads of perch around and they were willing to bite. Mainly we were running fatheads but we also had medium shiners on a few in case any larger fish went by. For the most part, our action was steady for about two hours. After that, things slowed up pretty well and the cold really had us sticking to the shelter. It wasn’t taking long for the holes to freeze up solid enough so that we had trouble busting them free. After a few hours of very slow fishing and cold weather, we packed up out gear and went out bite a buffet. The fish in the tank had us wondering what they were biting on!


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