1-24-14 – Pre Fishing For VSHTS Round 2

With the second qualifier for the Vermont Sportsman Hardwater Tournament Series at Larabees only a day away, the pressure to find fish was tense. While Bobby was at work, I made the two hour drive with a buddy to see what it was all about. Having never seen this bay with ice on it, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. I had reviewed aerial images of the bay and drew up a plan of attack. I figured work shallow to deep in hopes of stumbling into a pattern. With intentions of searching with a camera rather than fishing, I got to work.

Using the camera was tough because the water was pretty murky. There was a few feet of visibility at most. I worked over a few hundred yards of weeds before I got into some fish. At first, it was just bluegill, but as I worked further into the patch, crappies were cruising in decent numbers. Knowing I had to catch some to figure out what they would bite and get a size reference, I started fishing. It didn’t take long put some fish on the ice. Knowing that I could get back on them, I moved on. Working the remainder of the water that was in the fishable area, I found a big school of crappie that were very hungry. The numbers were good and the size was slightly better.

The remainder of the day was spent searching for the best pattern. I found that the fish were aggressive when located and short weeds on the edge of dense weeds was the best bet. Tomorrow should be a good day!

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